Scunthorpe director responds to rumours claiming a sensational return of van Veen

Scunthorpe director Chris Swann - son of Peter Swann - has had his say on one of the stranger transfer rumours to hit our screens so far.

To be honest, it felt like a rumour started by a fan for a few giggles - but it soon became apparent that the notion would in fact be massively backed by a good proportion of fans, who have now had their say so far.

Despite it looking like a rumour from silly season, Swann Jr has left Iron fans in limbo after his response to the following tweet:

Van Veen's move to Northampton last January took many by surprise, and although some were happy to see the back of him, his exit left many bemused.

The Cobblers were relegated last season, and KVV was largely seen as public enemy number one in Northampton town.

Despite his struggles last season, KVV has been accepted by the Cobbler fanbase in their League Two campaign thus far - and has 10 goals in all competitions.

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  1. Would like to see Kevin van veen back a popular player would like to see joe anyone back to

  2. You are welcome to him.


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