Kevin van Veen set to make sensational return to Scunthorpe from Northampton

Scunthorpe United are expected to announce the signing of Kevin van Veen from Northampton Town in the very near future.

We revealed yesterday that club director Chris Swann had touted the idea to Iron fans, and the response on our poll saw over 75% in favour of a return.

And the 75% look set to be pleased, after BBC Humberside journalist Mike White revealed a deal had been struck with the Cobblers.
We will update you once van Veen is announced as a Scunthorpe player once more.

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  1. glad to see the back of him. Lazy player

  2. Hope he's learnt to pass to a team mate now and then,

  3. He's not lazy now he's worked really hard this season .. cobblers fan

  4. Class player. Never happy here at Northampton, made stupid comments at the end of season. A luxury player us cobblers have no room to accommodate

  5. Jimmy Floyd hassellbaink failure signing.never did he want to be here at northampton good luck scunny with your second stint with can have Matt crooks as well.

  6. We'll take Crooks too, BOGOF 😉


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