Thursday, 5 November 2015

Tommy Rowe's loan extension could be catalyst to the Iron's success

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Rowe has had loan spell extended by two months
A few hours after we received the dire news that striker Tom Hopper will be missing for around 4-5 months, we were rewarded with a much needed lift in the form of a loan extension for a key performer.

Since signing on loan for the Iron from Wolves on October 2nd, Tommy Rowe has been a major part of an upturn in fortunes - and one that has seen us rise from 21st to 10th in just six games.

Five wins out of six with Tommy in the squad is not just pure coincidence, and more so a credit to the player himself bringing out the best of the players around him - and of course a lot of other players in the Iron ranks performing to their full potential.

A goal against Oldham just as United had gone 2-1 down came at a pivotal time, and helped us revive that game and come away with our first away win in months. But, that is the only goal he has scored so far, so why has a midfielder with just one goal in six games proved catalyst to our successes I hear you say?

Any Iron fans that have seen each of the matches Tommy has performed in will see why so. Even if you've seen half the of those six matches he's played in, you will know too.

From the defensive side of his game, to the tireless running and creativity going forward. Sometimes we've lacked that killer ball, the kind of cross-field ball that will open up even the best of teams in this league - Tommy has shown us he has that, more than once. He has that, and much more.

In the lead up to the penalty that was awarded in our 2-1 victory of Shrewsbury, Tommy did a Maradona turn into their box and then somehow managed to hold on to the ball, before it found its way to Bish - who was duly tripped. How many midfielders in the past five years have we had that can do that, or even have the balls to try it? He did similar on Saturday against Barnsley, a strong forward thinking run into the opposition's box that could have lead to a chance, but sadly this time it didn't end in a goal.

The news of a two month extension is huge, and gives us Tommy's influence in games over the busy Christmas period - a period that will define whether we are fancied for promotion. I say why the hell are we not good enough to really, really go for it?

As I briefly touched on earlier, of course for me to state Tommy as the sole purpose of our upturn in form would be ludicrous. The whole squad have now gelled, and are all performing at a much higher level.

Our full-back's Lairdy and Wisey have really found their feet now, and provide us with endless chances going forward from the back. Mirf has stamped his authority on why he should be in the squad every week, but the loss of Wallace (who was recalled from his loan spell by Huddersfield this week) is a blow. Bish has always been reliable, but even he has stepped it up in the last month.

A special mention to McSheffrey, who looks like he's turned back time and is playing like he did, and scoring like he did in his mid-20's. Paddy is the second highest scorer in the league, and for any team to have success - you need a goalscorer. Lucky us, we have super Pads.

Here's hoping that Hopper can recover from the operation he had on his shoulder this week sooner than reported - For Tommy Rowe to continue to influence this Iron team and take us forward - and for Mark Robins to win his duly deserved manager of the month award for October.

Up the Iron.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Three wins from three please

Kevin van Veen celebrates his spectacular solo goal against Oldham on Saturday
Isn't it crazy how much difference a couple of weeks can make? Our dreadful eight month losing streak away from home is over, and we have a home game up next with a chance to push into the top half of the table.

Okay, so we started the season pretty poorly - but we have been so close in some games to getting more than the points we have, and we've only been outclassed once, when we faced Wigan.

If Paddy puts away the penalty against Millwall, and we don't squander that two goal lead against Colchester - or even if we score two from the 23 shots we had against Blackpool, we'd be SEVEN points better off, and that would be enough to see us take Sheffield United's place in the play off positions - and that itself is pretty remarkable.

Any Iron fans that attended the three games above know that regardless of whether we played well or not, those are all games that the scenarios I created could have quite easily happened - and it shouts volumes to me of how important building on the last two games is.

Shrewsbury head to Glanford Park on Saturday on the exact same points as the Iron, and both clubs have won just two from their last five matches too.

The 1-0 defeat of Fleetwood in the last home match was far from glamorous, but what it did do was set the tone for a far better performance when we beat Oldham 4-2 last weekend at Boundary Park.

David Mirfin being back in at the heart of the defence looks to have brought steel back into the Iron back line, and has also brought the best out of Murray Wallace too. Whilst Jack King has moved into a CDM type role, and he too looks to be more comfortable there - something you'd hope to see more of in the coming weeks.

Possibly King playing as well as he did in his new role last Saturday was down to one of the best solo performances of an Iron player I can remember in recent times. Credit to Mark Robins and Peter Swann for this one, as the loan signing of Tommy Rowe before the Fleetwood match seems to have been a masterclass. It is no coincidence that United have earned six points from a possible six since his arrival, the lad is class - and just what we've needed since Luke Williams' injury.

Tom Hopper came back into the starting line up on Saturday to replace Joe Lolley. Hopper was superb against Oldham, he won everything I can remember - and battled heroically too. Had it not been for two superb saves from the Latics keeper, he'd of scored his first two goals of the season.

Kev's goal on Saturday was voted the football league's goal of the weekend, and there really was no competition for what was one of the greatest goals I've ever witnessed, and just to treat you all, here is how van Veen described the goal to me post match.

“I picked the ball up and wanted to sprint into the corner. I saw a little gap in between the two defenders, so I dinked it in between them a little bit. 

“Then I see the other defender with his legs open so I say “Yeah come on Kev, you can do this.” – So I did a nutmeg.

“Then I chose to do a dink at the keeper because I thought he was outstanding today. I was very happy with the goal.”

Here's hoping that we can continue on from where we left on Saturday and take down Shrewsbury, whilst hopefully moving into the top half of League One.

Up the Iron!

Friday, 2 October 2015

Former Youth team player Richard Hawcroft to receive minutes applause

Richard Hawcroft during his time with the Iron's youth team
The Iron are going to join Doncaster Rovers and Barnsley fans on Saturday in completing a minutes applause on the eighth minute of the game, for the late Richard Hawcroft - who sadly passed away earlier this summer at the age of 31.

Richard came through the Iron's youth team ranks, which is where he met Andy Butler, a man he would remain the best of friends with until his sudden death.

Richard made 47 appearances for United's youth team between 2000 and 2002, including two substitute appearances for the reserves.

It is Butler who has played a big part in arranging the minutes applause with his current club Doncaster Rovers, proving that even in death true best friends will still do everything they can to keep someone's memory alive.

The official club social accounts posted earlier on today asking United fans to take part, and I believe it would be a great tribute to Richard for the majority, if not all, of our faithful take part in this great gesture during the 8th minute of tomorrow's Sky Bet League One match with Fleetwood Town.

R.I.P. Richard.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Using the Cov match to kick start our season

Iron Chairman Peter Swann spoke out this week (Photo:
On Saturday we welcome high flyers Coventry City to Glanford Park on the back of our own hit and miss form.

Coventry haven't set the world alight since their relegation to League One in 2012, but have battled and come through off the field issues to get to where they are today. And where are they today you ask? They are a team who are going to be hitting the news headlines for all of the right reasons this year, I'd say.

When you sign a striker on loan who goes on to score five goals in his first five league games - you've got a key component to a successful team sussed. Adam Armstrong was named the Sky Bet League One player of the month for August, and rightly so.
The Newcastle strikers loan ends in January, but you can be sure that Cov are going all out already to get that extended.

Straight away the Iron know who they need to keep mightily quiet if they are to have a good day on Saturday, but that's easier said than done.

If you are wanting to head to the game, but are struggling for funds, you can win tickets to a game of your choice at Zebra Casino so it might be worth heading over to the site to check that competition out.

Away from the match on Saturday, United Chairman Peter Swann released a statement this week - and it boded well with the large majority of our fans.

Simply titled 'Belief', it must surely have woken up a few of the usual folk who'd moan if we win, purely because we maybe didn't play too well.

"All the doom and gloom merchants - who want us to fail, want a new manager after six games into a 46-game season and cannot wait for me to fail as a chairman - look at what we are trying to achieve and give us all a chance." 

I certainly hope that Mr Swann doesn't feel the entire United fan base are under the same beliefs of those 'fans' that post on the Iron-Bru site, because they are a minority - but a noisy one, with the forum a chance for them to cry out loud. Swann went on:

"I will not continually hear the bleating on about how we used to do this and how good we used to be and why we should have this person back or that person back. It was not good structurally and it was not a business, that is what I am changing and that is what we will do. 

"I have made changes and I am happy we can deliver this as we move into a new era here at Scunthorpe United." 

Believe that this weekend, with this littlest of tinkering to the way the Iron line-up, we will kick start our season. We are in no worse or better a position than we were at this stage when we won League One - remember that.


Sunday, 6 September 2015

This isn't the way it was supposed to happen, man.

After a marvellous pre-season Iron fans would be forgiven for looking up at the League One table and saying - "This could be our year.".

Six games in, the optimism is all but gone. It really does prove that the old cliche that never judge a team on pre-season results exists - I mean, we beat Sheffield Wednesday - and deservedly, but what the heck does that mean now? Nothing.

The formation which worked so wonderfully in pre-season is fluttering, and badly. The lack of width in the squad is telling - a switch to 4-4-2 and this squad is more than capable.

Injuries haven't helped in all honesty. Losing Luke Williams in that Burton match saw us lose our attacking threat from midfield. Neal Bishop and Seany Mac are fantastic footballers, but both are very similar in their style of play - both will stick their foot in where it matters, but you won't be seeing thirty-yard screamers from McAllister I'm afraid - and that's fine, because that isn't the midfielder he is, but without Williams we lack so much in midfield.

Scott Laird and Scott Wiseman are both fantastic footballers too, but they are not miracle workers. The flanks are being used by our opposition as the way to break us down - it's happening every game. You put a winger in front of either of them and it's a different story altogether.
Laird overlapping a winger and sending in those brilliant crosses we know he's capable of, whilst then having cover behind him if it's cleared - it's the way we have to go on from now, the thought of that almost gets me giddy.

One more basic change needed is these silly goals conceded from corners. Bishop mentioned in his post-match interview, you cannot defend corners like we have two weeks straight - it's cost us a minimum of four points.

It's still far too early for Iron fans to be calling for a managers head, we're six games in guys.

We'll have to wait and see, que sera sera and all that - trust the Swann's, they're doing a hell of a lot for our club.

As always, Up the MIGHTY Iron!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Luke Williams out for the foreseeable future after Burton loss

Saturday was not quite the opening day magic you hope for all Summer.

In fact, it was quite demoralising. But you cannot lay the blame solely on the players and manager, we were let down by a quite frankly inept referee too - he wouldn't have been up to standard refereeing a Sunday football match.

The referee's are there to maintain player safety throughout a match, amongst other things. So why, when someone went through Luke Williams so hard that it forced him off on a stretcher - were there no repercussions for that player? Why?

I knew as soon as Williams went down it was bad - I feared the worst, and I felt his pain and disappointment too. You work your socks off in pre-season ready for the start of the league and then bam - one idiotic challenge and you won't kick a ball again for months.

Just after the Williams injury, another Burton player went through the back of Scotty Laird too - still no whistle. Shocking.

It wasn't just the injury decision that let the ref down on the day. Countless petty fouls were given to our opposition, but when the same were on our end of the stick - nothing.

But I will stop my moaning about the officials now, because the other fact is we weren't quite up to it on Saturday.

Over 1000 Iron fans travelled ready to watch a team who had gone unbeaten in pre-season, and played very well on occasions too.

Sadly, they would witness a 2-1 loss which was backed in the football predictions by the bookies which was marred by the injury to Williams and the bizarre moment when Luke Daniels decided to elbow Mark Duffy in the face.

Yes, the referee did get one thing right - Daniels had to go. I knew he was a goner, when the ref hadn't even began talking to the linesman and Anyon was already stripped off ready to come on.

But let's face it, that was one game - and it does not define our season whatsoever. Just because Burton won, it doesn't mean they will have a successful season. Just like our loss doesn't mean we will definitely be in a relegation scrap under Robins!

Mark Robins is not on borrowed time and those calling for his head need to realise how silly their calls are. Only one game in lads.

We have a chance to put on a good show on Tuesday in the Capital One cup against Barnsley, before Crewe come to Glanford Park on Saturday.

Get behind the boys, and forget what was a bad day at the office.

Up the Iron.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

We are only a week away from football being back!

The venue for our League One opener
The Iron start their League One campaign on Saturday 8th August with a difficult trip to League Two Champions Burton Albion.

Burton had flirted with promotion to League One for a number of years, but last season they finally achieved their goal under the stewardship of former Chelsea star Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink.

Without looking at our opposition, we must first concentrate on ourselves – and let’s face it, it’s been a pretty great pre season so far.

1-1 draws with Middlesbrough and Bolton from the Championship, and a 4-2 victory over Sheffield Wednesday from the same division, show we are capable of holding our own with teams above our level.

Gainsborough were the first team we faced in pre season, and a professional performance saw us win 3-0 that day, before we played Hartlepool upon return from the teams training over in Marbella – and that match finished 4-0 to ourselves.

We are in great form going into the season, and that has to play a big part when we kick the first ball of the 2015/16 season.

United are not the bookies favourites going into the game. Burton are 6/4 for the win, whilst we are 13/8. The draw is 9/4.

Also a week away is the start of the Premier League season, and although I’m not actually a fully-fledged fan of any team up there (I’d pick the Hammers if I was though), I find myself extremely excited for the start of that too.

Chelsea are the bookies pre season favourites to win the title for the second year running, but I can see it being a much tighter league this time around.

Manchester United have bought well, and could certainly be much more of a force than they have been in the last couple of years. Memphis Depay, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Morgan Schneiderlin and Matteo Darmian are the big name arrivals so far – and they could certainly help United in their first year back in the Champions League since Fergie left.

Arsenal have made just the one addition so far, but it’s been a great one. Petr Cech joined from Chelsea, and he’s won literally just about everything with them – his experience and ability will certainly be something to benefit the Gunners, but they need more through the door to persuade punters to back them for the title.

Manchester City have spent big, but brought in some real quality. Raheem Sterling is still young and is only going to get better, and although £50 million was a tad more than I’d of priced Sterling at, he is sure to be a big player for them over the coming years. Can they win the league? Definitely, but for me the key is whether they can keep Sergio Aguero fit throughout the season.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Plenty of signings made so far, and the optimism is more than welcoming

New signings Luke Williams celebrates his goal at Peterborough last season
So far the Iron have made a total of eight new summer signings, and the calibre of the new boys has been extremely impressive.

Stephen Dawson, Scott Laird, Scott Wiseman, Jack King, Tom Hopper, Isaac Assenso, Charlie Goode and Luke Williams are the new faces thus far, with more expected to be welcomed before the start of the new League One season in 29 days time.

The signing of Hopper was always going divide opinion after the striker was caught up in sex tape scandal following the end of last season. No-one can condone what Hopper did, but he publicly apologised. That apology didn't save his Leicester City career, and he was snapped up by the Iron last month on a free.
Thankfully, the majority of United fans seemed to take the signing well, and were more keen to focus on the footballing ability that Hopper most definitely possesses. Everyone deserves a second chance, and the Iron faithful seem more than willing to give Hopper that.

Dawson, Laird, Wiseman and King are superb defence minded signings. Each of them will bring something wonderful individually to the table. It's no secret that our leaky defence let us down time after time last year, and these signings will help shore up the gaps - and make us a much harder team to beat. It's exactly what we needed to address, and well done to Mark Robins and Peter Swann for sorting that out early on in the summer break.

Assenso and Goode were brought in as youngsters who we will look to develop, but there is absolutely nothing to suggest that both players couldn't get themselves in the first team squad picture should they enjoy a successful pre-season with the club. Certainly two players I am looking forward to seeing progress in the coming years.

Finally, last week we announced the signing of Luke Williams from Middlesborough on a permanent deal. This signing really got United fans excited, and rightly so.
Luke was fantastic for us on loan last season, and should we keep him fit, his creativity can carve open oppositions defences time and time again. He's a wonderful acquisition, and one who will hopefully bring the Iron many goals and assists next season.

So are we being taken seriously by the bookies? Most bookmakers currently price the Iron at around 28/1 to win the title next year, and that may be a price worth taking a punt on.

Our signings so far have been superb, and with more expected a bet on us could bring you some cash - and if we lead the league half way through the season, you could always cash out and take your profit should you think we may throw away the lead we had.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Scunthorpe United; how did they get here?

We like to think that we are all Scunthorpe United’s number one fan, but how much do you really know about Scunthorpe United? How did they begin? What were their highs and lows? We answer all these questions below with a brief overview of Scunthorpe United’s history.

Scunthorpe United first formed in 1899 after merging with another local football team. A year later they joined forces with rivals Lindsey United to strengthen their team. This proved successful as they gained a place in the Midland League in 1912.

The teams first major title wins came in 1927 when they first won the Championship and again in 1939. Also since 1921 they repeatedly applied to be accepted into the Football league but were rejected several times.

Scunthorpe United impressed in 1958 after winning the Division Three North Championship by seven clear points ahead of Accrington Stanley. This saw them get promoted to Division Two. From 1961 to 1962 Schunthorpe United were top of the scoreboard but they failed to clinch the title. Many blamed the departure of their top goal scorer Barrie Thomas for the reason that they finished 4th. Despite not winning, it was their record-breaking league position.

Their impressive results didn’t last long and they were relegated to Division Three just 1 season later. The following years saw Scunthorpe United struggle but they bounced back in 1972 when they beat Lincoln City and gained a promotion to Division Three again.

The club saw a major change in 1988 when the Old Show Ground was demolished in favour of a large supermarket development. It wasn’t all doom and gloom though; they switched to Glantford Park, which was a new purpose built stadium.

In 1992 Schunthorpe made it down to a penalty shoot-out against Blackpool at Wembley. Players Jason White and Graham Alexander both missed penalties, denying the team a much-desired promotion. The sadness was short lived as they again made it to Wembley in 1999 and secured a win gaining them a place in Division Two!

2004 was a shaky season both on and off the pitch. They narrowly avoid relegation after a difficult season. Team manager Brian Laws also left the club briefly before being re-appointed after chairman Steve Wharton returned.

After a turbulent season in 2005, things started to look up for Scunthorpe United. They gained an impressive second place that saw them get a promotion into League 1! They finished 12th place in League 1 in 2006. This was a great achievement, which saw them end a run of 49 years ending in the bottom of a division.

The season of 2007 was one of great changes. Manager Brian Laws left the club after a decade. New appointed manager Nigel Adkins led the team to break a series of new records and ultimately won the League 1 championship with a total of 91 points. If you backed them to win on Marathonbet that year, you would have received a great payout!

During 2008 to 2009, Scunthorpe United were relegated and then gained a place again in the Championship League. They successfully got promoted at their first attempt and they also managed to reach the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy final but despite their best efforts they lost 3-2 to Luton.

After an impressive campaign in the 2008/2009 season, their luck came to a holt when they were again relegated due to lack of goals being scored and too many goals being conceded.
More recently, in the 2013/2014 season the team bounded back when they guaranteed themselves a promotion after placing 2nd in League 2. The same season they created an impressive team record of 28 games unbeaten.

Scunthorpe United finished 16th in the 2014/2015 season in League 1 just after their new stadium received the go ahead!

With lots of highs and lows, Scunthorpe United really does have a great history that has made the club what it is today. So now you know all the details, why not visit MarathonBet UK and put your money on their next game!

Friday, 22 May 2015

Stephen Dawson signs on with the Iron

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Dawson signs on
United made their first summer signing on Wednesday, when it was announced that Stephen Dawson had joined the club on a two-year deal, after turning down a new contract at Rochdale.
The Irish-born midfielder spent last season at Rochdale, and impressed in both games where he faced us - especially during the 3-1 win for Dale in March, a game in which he ran the midfield for the home side.

Dawson was wrongfully arrested in April 2014 for allegedly being involved in a 'major spot-fixing scam, whereby players supposedly took bribes in return for deliberately getting booked.'. 

Since then, the case against Dawson has been dropped, and the midfielder's form with Rochdale began to rise. No doubt that this rise in form, including his wonderful individual displays against the Iron, led to the deal being offered by Mark Robins.

Dawson signs for two years, with the option of a further year lying in the clubs hands. He was offered a new deal at Rochdale, but decided a move to North Lincolnshire was the more attractive option.

Happy with the move, Dawson had this to say when interviewed by the club: 

“Obviously, I’m over the moon, and as soon as I knew the intent of the manager and who he is bringing in and everything that is taking place in the next couple of years in terms of the new stadium and new facilities, it was something I couldn’t turn down."

The only other player news this pre-season so far was goalkeeper Joe Anyon signing a new two-year deal with the club.

Anyon is yet to make a first team appearance, but clearly has impressed Mark Robins in the reserves, and it's a deal that pleased the majority of Iron fans.

If you are planning on placing a bet on the Iron to win the League One title next year, it would be worth taking a look at to find the best possible odds.

Once there any more contract extensions, or new player signings - I will report them on the blogs Facebook account.

Until then, Up the Iron!

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Ending the season on a high

You could be the 12th man on Sunday

A season of many ups, and even more downs, is finally drawing to a close. Thankfully, survival was secured last weekend when we took Gillingham down to a 2-1 defeat at Glanford Park, so Sunday's game can be played without the added pressure of playing for League One football next term.

Of course it's not just any normal end of season game. Doncaster Rovers are our rivals, and a rival who have gotten the better of us far too often in recent times. I'm pinning my hopes on Neal Bishop firing the lads up ready to do battle. Something we've severely lacked in recent derbies is guts and determination.

An extra incentive going into the game is a win would actually see us leap frog Donny in the table, leaving us finishing the season in at least 14th position - a pipe dream back in October, when relegation looked a formality. The Iron could mathematically finish as high as 11th, but some serious goal scoring would need to come into play, along with the teams above us losing heavily too. I'll take 14th please Sir.

Donny will probably class their season as a bit of a flop after coming down from the Championship last year, with ambitions of an immediate return amongst the fans and staff alike. They were most recently sat in the play offs at the beginning of March, but an inconsistent run has seen them drop to mid-table with nothing riding on the last game of the season, other than bragging rights over their rivals.

This is the most positive I've felt heading into a derby about my team doing what's needed to get the three points in quite a long time. The pressure that was lifted after securing safety last weekend, added to the fact we've been on a pretty decent run of form, should be enough for me.

The Gillingham game was the last of Theo Robinson's loan spell, as there was a clause in his contract to stop him from facing his parent club on Sunday when he joined us. Whether he's played his final game for the Iron remains to be seen, but after an impressive loan spell, and hardly being first choice at Rovers, you wouldn't bet against us signing him permanently in the summer.

Yesterday it was announced that we have been giving planning permission to begin work on our new 12,000 seater home. Work is expected to begin in July, with the stadium being ready just 12 months later. The only remaining obstacle for the Iron and North Lincolnshire council will be their need to appease the Highway Agency's concerns over access to the ground, and flooding. This will almost certainly be resolved within the next month or so, with the club not looking like they are worrying too much about this - as they've already offered fans who purchase season tickets the chance to have first dibs on their seat when we move in ready for the 2015/16 season.

On that note, the club have released the standard, and early bird prices, for season tickets next season - The Iron's last full season at Glanford Park. The rates are as follows, and go on sale tomorrow:


EARLY BIRD (PRIOR TO 31/05/2015)

ADULT - £360                              
PER GAME: £15.65 | SAVING PER GAME: £6.34 
SENIORS/18-21/STUDENT - £228      
PER GAME: £9.78 | SAVING PER GAME: £5.08 
UNDER 18 - £150                      
PER GAME: £6.52 | SAVING PER GAME: £4.47 
UNDER 16- £60            
PER GAME: £2.60 | SAVING PER GAME: £3.39 

FROM 01/06/2015
ADULT - £372    
PER GAME: £16.17 | SAVING PER GAME: £5.82 
SENIORS/18-21/STUDENT- £234        
PER GAME: £10.17 | SAVING PER GAME: £4.82 
UNDER 18 - £156                        
PER GAME: £6.78 | SAVING PER GAME: £4.21 
UNDER 16 - £66                       
PER GAME: £2.86 | SAVING PER GAME: £3.13 

EARLY BIRD (PRIOR TO 31/05/2015)
ADULT - £288
PER GAME: £12.52 | SAVING PER GAME: £5.47 
SENIORS/18-21/STUDENT - £192         
PER GAME: £8.34 | SAVING PER GAME: £4.65 
UNDER 18- £114                        
PER GAME: £4.95 | SAVING PER GAME: £4.04 
UNDER 16 - £60                        
PER GAME: £2.60 | SAVING PER GAME: £3.39 
UNDER 12* - FREE                   

FROM 01/06/2015
ADULT - £294   
PER GAME: £12.78 | SAVING PER GAME: £5.21 
SENIORS/18-21/STUDENT - £198         
PER GAME: £8.60 | SAVING PER GAME: £4.39 
UNDER 18 - £120                        
PER GAME: £5.21 | SAVING PER GAME: £3.78 
UNDER 16 - £60                        
PER GAME: £2.86 | SAVING PER GAME: £3.13 
UNDER 12* - FREE                      

*All Under 14’s must be accompanied by an adult to any fixture at Glanford Park.


EARLY BIRD (PRIOR TO 31/05/2015)

ADULT - £510                             
PER GAME: £22.17 | SAVING PER GAME: £7.82 
SENIORS - £378                         
PER GAME: £16.43 | SAVING PER GAME: £6.56 
UNDER 21- £288                        
PER GAME: £12.52 | SAVING PER GAME: £5.47 
UNDER 16 - £192                        
PER GAME: £8.34 | SAVING PER GAME: £4.65 

FROM 01/06/2015
ADULT - £528
PER GAME: £22.95 | SAVING PER GAME: £7.04 
SENIORS - £390                         
PER GAME: £16.95 | SAVING PER GAME: £6.04 
UNDER 21 - £294                        
PER GAME: £12.78 | SAVING PER GAME: £5.21 
UNDER 16 - £198                        
PER GAME: £8.60 | SAVING PER GAME: £4.39 

EARLY BIRD (PRIOR TO 31/05/2015)
ONE ADULT & UP TO TWO UNDER 16'S - £360      
PER GAME: £15.65 | SAVING PER GAME: £4.34 
ONE SENIOR & UP TO TWO UNDER 16'S - £228       
PER GAME: £9.91 | SAVING PER GAME: £4.08 
ADDITIONAL CHILDREN- £60                   
SECOND ADULT - £360                                
PER GAME: £15.65 | SAVING PER GAME: £4.34 

FROM 01/06/2015
ONE ADULT & UP TO TWO UNDER 16'S - £372      
PER GAME: £16.17 | SAVING PER GAME: £3.82 
ONE SENIOR & UP TO TWO UNDER 16'S - £234        
PER GAME: £10.17 | SAVING PER GAME: £3.82 
ADDITIONAL CHILDREN - £66                 
PER GAME: £2.86 | SAVING PER GAME: £1.13 
SECOND ADULT - £372                                
PER GAME: £16.17 | SAVING PER GAME: £3.82 

To qualify for a junior under 12's season ticket, your date of birth must be after 31st August 2003. To purchase a under 16 season ticket you must be born after 31st August 1998. To purchase an under 18 season ticket you must be born between 31st August 1996 and 1st September 1998. To qualify for an 18-21 season ticket you must be born between 1st September 1993 and 31st May 1996. To qualify for an over 65 season ticket you must be born before 31st August 1949, because the senior concession age is changing from 60 to 65. However, if you are already in receipt of a senior season ticket you will be able to continue at the concessionary rate. 

This is in six equal payments, starting with your first payment when you make the purchase and then five further payments, starting in June until October. 


All that's left to say is safe travels to all Scunny fans heading up the M180 on Sunday to Donny, and let's hope the boys do us proud.

Up the Iron!